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International Common Disease Alliance (ICDA) is a scientific forum comprising international stakeholders across academia, medicine, biopharma, tech companies, and funders, spanning the breadth of relevant scientific disciplines. ICDA aims to include and serve the diverse range of the human population.

About Us

Our Goals

ICDA brings together key stakeholders from the global community to:

  • define current barriers to progress in the understanding and treatment of common diseases, including scientific, technological, computational and organizational obstacles
  • propose solutions using genetic advances to drive progress, including key knowledge, datasets, experimental technologies, computational platforms, and frameworks for data sharing and data harmonization;
  • develop white papers describing effective plans to enable these solutions;
  • coordinate with funders to ensure the white papers and plans are of maximal utility;
  • bring together the scientific community on an ongoing basis to share results, assess progress, and update plans; and
  • undertake public communication and engagement on relevant issues.

Our Work

ICDA will act as a forum to develop ideas and plans to accelerate progress in common disease genetics discovery and translation. Much of this work will be undertaken in Working Groups, which will:

  • Define and prioritize key needs and opportunities — both in the short-term through assembly and analysis of existing data, and in the long-term by mapping out the major experimental and infrastructure activities needed to leverage these activities at scale.
  • Undertake pilot projects designed to address key hurdles and develop proposals for implementing necessary infrastructure.
  • Translate scientific needs into technical and policy requirements, reconcile those requirements with existing community efforts, and facilitate implementation of infrastructure within and across organizations to meet those requirements.

Our Focus

Through Working Groups, ICDA will explore scientific opportunities to accelerate progress from Maps to Mechanisms to Medicine. Relevant topics include:

  • Phenotypes & Genotypes
  • Variants & Functions
  • Mechanisms & Translation
  • Data Platforms & Data Sharing
  • Communications, Education, & Outreach

Our Ethos & Spirit

ICDA is committed to openness: Membership is open to everyone.

ICDA is committed to diversity and inclusion. It aims to represent diversity across nations, populations, ancestries, and genders, as well as across stakeholders and scientific disciplines.

ICDA is built on trust. This requires transparency and openness in setting directions and making decisions, including seeking feedback from ICDA members with thoughtfulness and consistency.

ICDA aims to coordinate with the many highly functional human genetics activities already underway.

ICDA works closely with national and philanthropic funders, biopharma and tech companies, and scientific journals.